Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

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Its important place in the history of India’s chakravartin ashoka samrat Emperor. Ashoka is out Rajaoen those who land a new story based on the life of a serial Likikaese Chakravarti Emperor ‘Ashok Chakraborty Samrat”ka broadcast Colors Channel Nine on February 2 every Monday night PM is going to be. The building ‘Kotilo films’ under the banner are Abhimanyu Singh.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

Historical serial ‘chakravartin ashoka samrat’ is the story of a boy who had vowed that his mother would be awarding the honor. Who had vowed episode of ashok samrat that his coronation at the hands of his mother, from the dust of the ground will make. It is the legend of the child, the great king of India’s history. This tale of a great king, warrior, before excellent person to have a son.

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This is by far the world’s most expensive and sophisticated technology made from TV serial Vla which are art director Nitin Desai, who is considered knowledgeable of history. Ashoka is well known that a major hand in creating the Chanakya was the story since 24 years ago today, and Nitin Desai made serial Chanakya , who was also the art director.

Raj Nayak, CEO says: ” Our goal behind creating this serial history books of the limitations of the Indian audience imprisonment is to interact with the legend of the great emperor Ashoka.

The film and TV industry, we have excellent cooperation Tknishiano and artists. Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, including some scenes of the serial with many cities in the country is filmed at various locations.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat October 2015

While we have a huge set of Magadh Empire ‘ND Studios’ are filming it in the planting. Art director Nitin Desai and enthusiasm in creating this set of Kumar’s role. Grand Maurya period has been living the high-quality VFX techniques.

Not only are we in such a way that the serial from children to old men were entertaining. And she like. ‘ In serial ‘Chanakya’ plays Manoj Joshi says, ” Everyone should see chakravartin ashoka samrat serial. It is our past, which is always repeats itself. My character Chanakya just a character but is an idea that the movement must be created.

Chanakya then talk of patriotism and unity. Magadh Empire from going into the clutches of the enemy and the country are working to segue into unity. Kautilya scriptures and treatises he wrote that scripture means, which are still useful. ‘

‘Colors’ programming head Mnisha Sharma say:’ When we presented the historical stories of the war with dense history, pride and power elements are truly Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat October 2015 dealt with. It contains all the elements in Ashoka.

He is a heroic king, who was full of vengeance! But in the end it also improves your mistakes. We are sure that the culture and tradition chakravartin ashoka samrat of the Mauryan period will attract people to your side. ”

The manufacturer says Abhimanyu Singh serial – ” I’m very interested in history why we Rani’v of Jhansi ‘the king of Magadha king Maharana Pratap’ke Asok brought this serial.’
Serial Ashoka’s childhood plays an introduction is not obedient child actor Siddharth Corporation.

He earlier Kumbh ‘In addition to acting in serials and some other film’ Dhoom 3 ‘also worked. He says, the young acrobat and gymnastic Hannkvh ‘associated Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat epicodes with the serial I got a chance to learn the history. I had the riding, fencing and Caryashaliy kind Prisn have achieved.

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

The traditional media are paying more attention to the economy’s recent share ( Canal 3/24 , El Pais , El Mundo , etc.), and true to want to have specific data to know how important it can become the collaborative consumption.

In a money-obsessed society and possessions, it is not surprising that a common question from reporters is“what value is the industry share?”

Most collaborative consumption enthusiasts are well aware that money is only one way to assess the movement, but still, these are valid questions for those seeking to report on or invest in the growth of collaborative consumption.

So we decided to investigate. The following is a summary of venture capital investments in the collaborative consumption in 2011. It is not exhaustive, but it shows that investments in this area soared in 2011.

What will happen in 2012? The investments have continued this year, for example by investing in Wheelz Zipcar , a company car rental P2P targeted at universities. However it can be difficult to reach the levels of 2011 with investment of US $ 112 million in Airbnb, representing almost 50% of venture capital investments in the collaborative consumption throughout 2011. It begs the question, is it possible an investment of a similar amount in 2012?

When the recession hit in late 2007, many experts predicted that people would change their consumption habits, and they were right. A response to the financial pressure was the resurgence of the old practices of exchange, barter, rent and sharing. Some incumbents were adapted to facilitate these transactions, plus many entrepreneurs created new online platform to share safely and simply.

The success of pioneers like Airbnb aroused the interest of investors and caused a slow but steady trend of funding for P2P services and collaborative consumption. Then, in 2011, investments Shot and could see quite remarkable in various types of cases collaborative services. Below an overview of some of the most notable investments are reflected, although not exhaustive.

In early March 2011, onefinestay announced US $ 3.7 million Series A round of funding from the venture capital firm Index Ventures. In June, the company based in Berlin Wimdu , grossed US $ 90 million from European investors . And in July, the startup Airbnb allowing space rental received US $ 112 million round of Series B financing , bringing the total funding of the company was US $ 119.8 million. And in a surprising move, Couchsurfing company was once a “nonprofit” It became a B-Corporation (profit but with a focus on social benefit) and raised US $ 7.6 million.

In May 2011, ThredUP , the exchange project known children’s clothing, raised US $ 7 million in Series B funding from Redpoint Ventures and Trinity Ventures and Brian Swette; meanwhile TurningArt , a company that aims to use Netflix model for the art market, secured $ 750,000 in venture capital mainly NextView Ventures. In August, the rental company Rentcycle got a first round of investment of US $ 1.4 million . To remove any doubt about the value of exchange projects, in March 2011 Toygaroo , a recent toy rental service received US $ 200,000 from important companies such as ABC’s Shark Tank.

Loans between individuals continued to expand its muscle with Lending Club in August 2011 announced that it received US $ 25 million in financing round Series D by Union Square Ventures and investors already present in the company. Prosper announced a round of US $ 17 million of Eric Schmidt and DFJ, reached a total of US $ 75 million invested in the company. In the field of learning, also in August 2011, Skillsharemade ​​a public investment of US $ 3.1 million in funding round series A.

Industry leader Zipcar raised US $ 174 million in April 2011 through its initial public offering (IPO),surpassing its original target of US $ 75 million . Although it is not a business financing, the IPO of Zipcar, along with that of HomeAway in June 2011 it helped heat the scope of collaborative consumption.

Despite the dominance of Zipcar, there are still many opportunities and niches for other car companies and shared paths. In September 2011, GetAround announced an investment of US $ 3.4 million , with the participation of Netflix founder Marc Randolph and Matt Mullenweg of WordPress. Also in September,Zimride a shared shuttle, up US $ 6 million in a financing round led by Mayfield Fund, bringing its total funding to around US $ 7.2 million. In October 2011, RelayRides , a rental service for cars P2P hours grossed US $ 13 million in a financing round of Serie A.

Gigwalk , coworking application that allows companies to hire mobile workers and assign tasks based on your location, raised US $ 1.7 million in September. Just before the end of the year, TaskRabbit announced the investment of US $ 17.8 million by LightSpeed ​​Ventures, Allen & Co., and Tornante Co. (the venture capital firm of Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney).

Although the bulk of the money invested is received by a relatively small number of companies, and that the total figures are likely to represent only a small percentage of venture capital investment in general, new companies in this field are reinventing an industry of thousands million (depending on how you define) and with a lot of growth: As reported in late 2011 , the market for rental products (Rentcycle, AnyHire) is now valued at US $ 85 million, the rental market areas (Airbnb, CouchSurfing) at US $ 80 million Industry Shared travel (Zimride, Liftshare) US $ 117 million. In addition, the US market for car-sharing (Zipcar, Getaround) is expected to grow to 1.4 million users in 2012, compared with 600,000 in 2011; and research firm Gartner has estimated that in 2013, will be US $ 5 billion provided through loans from P2P (Zopa, Prosper), not to mention the billions invested in crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

Encouraged by the initial success of companies like Airbnb, LendingClub, Zipcar and TaskRabbit, collaborative consumption companies have begun to emerge around the world. Gradually, the venture capitalists, as well as traditional investors have joined and They have supported these efforts to make all assets more accessible to citizens as quickly as possible.

The short answer is no. Although the amount of the investment is a good way to gauge market sentiment in the collaborative consumption, it does not quantify in any way the positive impact that this industry has on local economies, the environment and quality of life of people .

To understand the full impact of the sharing economy , it is necessary to take into account the solid waste disposed, reducing carbon emissions, the relationships created and increased citizen access to resources, to name a few factors.

In any case, it is the volume of money invested alerting the market that a transition is occurring, which in turn indicates to governments and other powerful economic entities must investigate, and hopefully support the change. When these entities realize that it is better for them to participate in the paradigm shift, rather than resist, change can be accelerated.

In late 2011, Ron Conway, a legendary investor, called the collaborative consumption “mega-trend”, comparing it in size and scope to social networks (Facebook) and real-time data (Twitter). Entrepreneur magazine followed suit by naming d the collaborative commerce for start-ups in 2012. Since then“second warmest industry” Shasta, Menlo, Redpoint and other prominent venture capitalists have begun to invest in this market.

Investors seem confident that the exchange economy is here to stay, and that many are not sure at one point about putting your money at risk, funding for collaborative projects seems to be considered a good bet.

To get a better idea of what types of collaborative consumption are prepared to grow in 2012 and beyond, Shareable met Craig Shapiro, founder and executive director of the Collaborative Fund.

According to Shapiro, the rapid expansion of companies like Airbnb, and TaskRabbit Kickstarter is a great indicator that “people feel at ease to work together,” and that users will favor services to enable them to do so more efficiently .

“The property will not disappear, but attitudes are changing ownership,” Shapiro said. People value things more experience, rather than being able to put them on a shelf. This will give way to what Shapiro calls a trend toward collaborative thinking in 2012.

“I’m anxious to see the growth of startups that find new connections between online and offline life,” Shapiro said. “As companies strive to get valuable information from mountains of data increasing, I see that the average consumer trying to make sense of the noise is the fragmentation of their online presence.”

“But it works both ways,” he said. “Online communities can help improve our lives offline.” One example is Simple (formerly BankSimple). Our banking and finance (traditionally linked to the offices of life) can transform an online user experience very exquisite, helping us to understand our daily purchasing habits and avoiding the fees that plague the service user and traditional banking which accumulate large profits. “

When it comes to determining what attracts investors to the business of sharing, Shapiro says is not just a large user base and a family model. Those who recognize that the market is moving in a new direction are looking for companies that show the core values ​​of collaboration: creativity, transparency, responsibility and accountability to the community and investors.

“These values ​​are changing the way in which employers work with employees, companies work with clients and individuals work together,” Shapiro said. Because the essence of the sharing economy is on strengthening people-to-person connections, it is important that companies can demonstrate how your brand will create and maintain those connections.

Instead of focusing on market size or market potential, or even the idea itself, the Collaborative Fund first assesses the company team.

“We consider every opportunity to startup making us two questions: 1) Can we add value to our team initiative, in addition to our outstanding group of investors (ie, Nicholas Negroponte – the founder of the MIT Media Lab, Brendan Synnott – founder of Bear Naked Chuck Templeton – founder of OpenTable), and 2) If the company is very successful, is it going to be the world using this “?

For advocates of collaboration, this approach both the tangible and intangible value of collaborative consumption companies, it is a comforting warranty. Investors focused goals, as Collaborative Funds can help prevent falls collaborative industry in the same spiral uncontrolled profit that the economy is still struggling to recover.

This article is a translation of the original published in recently and focuses mainly on the American market.

As we discussed in a previous article ( “Investing more in having less” ), in Spain many of the initiatives of collaborative consumption have not yet managed to attract outside investors. One of the few exceptions isBla € 7.5 million invested by Accel Partners and investors already present as Jesse and Spanish Cabiedes & Partners. Leave a comment if you know more and add them to the article.

In Europe in 2011 there were some other investments: tourism experiences based in Berlin Gidsy received US $ 1.4M by Sunstone Capital and other investors, the French crowdfunding kisskissbankbank € 700,000 by XAnge , with a similar model to Airbnb 9flats received investment (unpublished) bringing the total to € 10 million , the French alittlemarket € 2 million by XAnge , copines Vestiaire of 7.5M € by Balderton and Ventech, and € 1.3 million of LoveHomeSwap ( about £ 850,000).

Best Diet Pills to Lose Weight Fast

Knowing the Best diet pills is essential before lost among so much on offer.In some cases there may be a “shortcut” to weight loss, in other represent an important complement to a diet. As important as knowing what they are for one or the other, it is to know what risks are. Let’s say at the outset that the best diet pills are those that are prescribed by a specialist

You must know what is the supply in the market, what weight loss products there, but you must also know the risks and contraindications.

To give you as complete a picture as possible then I tell you which are the most effective options, how they act and risks involved.

lose weight fast

Just let me recommend that you should never take weight loss products on your own, you always have to consult with the doctor, because the pills will work for some people, for others it may be a time bomb Best Diet Pills to lose weight fast  that trigger other health problems.

List of the Best diet pills:

The use of pills for weight loss is only one option on prescription for the treatment of obesity of the following persons:

  • Those with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more
  • People with a BMI of 27 or higher with certain conditions related to obesity, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

You know that diet pills are not a panacea for obesity. They should be combined with physical activity and a healthy diet.

1. The fat blocking pills.

diet pills to lose weight

Garcinia cambogia. A separate case

The Garcinia cambogia is considered a special case because it seems to work well as fat blocker and appetite suppressant.It has as active ingredient HCA (hydroxycitric acid), which reduces inhibit fat accumulation. It is also considered   anappetite suppressant by releasing serotonin in the brain Best Diet Pills to lose weight fast and thus create a greater sense of satiety.

The advantage of consuming Garcinia cambogia is that it has no side effects so the prescription is not necessary

They are considered as diet pills without rebound.

If you want to buy the Garcinia cambogia can take advantage of the following exclusive promotion for our readers:

Phen 375 weight loss

Another emerging pill is the Phen375 . Its effects depend on the individual, but as your dealer miraculous results are secured to act in these fields:

– Increases metabolic mass to facilitate burning calories.

– Avoid storing fat for easier removal

– Facilitates growth hormone HCG (aimed at losing fat but muscle mass).

Bloqueadoreas fat pads

The fat blocking pills are based on a drug: Orlistat, marketed under different names, such as Alli or Xenical.

They take up to three times daily with meals, and prevents digest 25 percent of the fat you eat.

Xenical is moderately effective, leading to a 5% to 10% weight loss when taken along with a diet low in calories and low in fat.The majority of weight loss occurs in the first six months by using Best Diet Pills Helps.

What cause it is that the intestine does not absorb fat ingested in a meal. It manages to block 100 to 200 calories.

This unabsorbed fat is eliminated in the stool.

Secondary effects:

  • Gases
  • Uncontrollable diarrhea
  • Cramps in the intestines
  • Sweats
  • Spots on the skin.
  • Loss of vitamin A and D.

2.The appetite suppressant tablets

daily diet to lose weight

These pills, based on a drug called Sibutramine, trick your brain into thinking it’s not hungry or it is full. Decrease appetite by increasing serotonin or catecholamine two chemicals in the brain and that affect mood and appetite.

Secondary effects:

It has many, among them.

  • High blood pressure, increasing the risk of an attack to the heart or a stroke.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Elevated body temperature.
  • Strong and Best Diet tablets uncontrolled sweating.
  • Headaches.
  • Nausea.
  • Insomnia
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness

These tablets take the form of tablets or extended release capsules.

3.The pills for obesity and diabetes.

weight loss tablets
These drugs are based on a medicine: Metformin (if you want to know more about this preparation I leave here your link on Wikipedia).

It is a drug that is normally used in the treatment and prevention of diabete type 2 s and in overweight.

Secondary effects:

  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • cramps
  • risk of dehydration

Risks of Diet Pills

In the short term, weight loss prescription drugs can reduce a number of health risks in obese people.

The risks of prescription weight loss drugs.

  • Addiction. All weight loss drugs are “controlled substances”. This means that doctors are required to follow certain restrictions when prescribing them because they can be addictive.
  • Tolerance. The weight of most people tend to stabilize after six months, while taking these pills. This leads to a serious risk of developing tolerance to the drug.
  • Side effects. Most side effects of drugs for weight loss are mild (although some may be unpleasant) and usually improve as your body adjusts to the medication. Rarely, but there have been, there have been serious wight loss fast and even fatal side effects.

Best Way to Improve Memory Power

Presently it’s realized that our advanced way of life assumes a huge part in adding to psychological decrease, which is the reason presentation to poisons, chemicals, less than stellar eating routine, absence of rest, push, and considerably more can really impede the working of your mind.

The flipside is additionally valid in that a solid way of life can bolster your mind wellbeing and even urge your cerebrum to develop new neurons, a procedure known as neurogenesis.

Your mind’s hippocampus, i.e. the memory focus, is particularly ready to develop new cells and it’s currently realized that your hippocampus recovers all through your whole lifetime (even into you’re 90s), if you give it the instruments to do as such.

These “apparatuses” are principally way of life based, which is superb news. You needn’t bother with a lavish physician recommended medicine or any therapeutic method at all to support your mind, and your memory. You essentially must experiment with the accompanying traps to enhance your memory.

Beautiful birthday messages, Cute birthday Wishes and sms

A special date that everyone loves is celebrate his birthday. Every time an angel born birth date recorded is why we celebrated with joy as important as this day as for all is a joy to have such a person among us from the moment he was born.

Perhaps because of time or distance can you not be in the day of his birthday, however you need to give him a birthday greeting that person you care about. Because if the person does not receive this greeting it is for you to imagine that there is a special day because we do not take into consideration. Therefore one must not allow this situation and share a cute message that person’s birthday.


Lines below we give a number of examples to help that person that this birthday, read it so that you feel motivated, or maybe just you send one of these messages.

Free list of pretty phrases to send birthday:

– “In addition to tell you the incredible passes by your birthday. I want you to accomplish all your goals, always you draw that smile on your face and your life is full of that every day of your life and now much more “.
Category: Birthday phrases


– “I want all your desires in this life is reality and today make it so special for you to remember it all your life day. I love you with all my heart. Happy Day “.
Category: Birthday phrases

Beautiful birthday messages to send :

– “In addition to your gifts and your delicious cake to have on this day. You make us very happy for joining us on this special day. I wish you a nice day, you deserve it. ”
Category: Birthday phrases

– “I want to continue celebrating your birthday during all the years that come. I hope you have a fabulous day. Longing that everything you dream come true. ”
Category: Birthday phrases

Nice to send birthday wishes:

– “You are an exceptional person, especially because it’s your birthday. I spend very happy sister of my heart “.
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– “I do not want the distance between us, because through this message I want to express my love for you. I hope you’re very happy next to your loved ones. ”
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Beautiful birthday cards to send :

– “Although many bad things happened, there were also the good, and today I can tell you that I see in you a totally new and strong person who is most important, you will see that you will do really well.”
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– “May the Lord enlighten your way now that he gave you one more year of life. I hope you’re happy long time to maximum advantage. Happy Day “.
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Best birthday messages for uncles:

– “I admire so much, now it’s your birthday wish incredible passes. Maybe my gift is not much but I give all my love. Happy day. ”

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– “Pass it beautiful as these have a birthday today. Plus years it meets only once a year. . Have a happy day ”
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– “I know that today is a very special day for you so I want you to know that you love and you’re the best thing that ever happened to me in life. I am very grateful to our Lord because you are fulfilling a year. Hope you have a beautiful day, you deserve it. ”
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– “Every time it’s your birthday, I know you’re vital for each of us as we wake up one smile in our hearts. I am very grateful that I met you and enlighten our life. Happy day, we love you. ”
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– “I wish that the Lord gave you more life to enjoy it with you. And your path take you to bliss.Happy day dear friend. ”
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– “I wish I never let your personality, you’re so cute. You’re the best thing that happened to me in life. I love you with all my heart and I want it to be forever. Happy Love Day. ”
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– “Today is your birthday we celebrate as you deserve. Happy day. Hope you have many gifts and that happiness is in your life forever. ”
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– “The gifts and the party is not what matters now. What you should appreciate is that all people who love you and those around you. That joy fill you all your life. ”
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– “Time goes so fast and get your birthday. Celebrate all give and not remember how old are fulfilling. ”
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– “Once a year you can only celebrate your birthday. But 30 are unique in life. The truth is that every year you meet are wonderful and I wish you get to the 100.Feliz day. ”
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– “Every time you get your birthday I get a great gift and that’s you. Happy day dear friend I am very happy to have this friendship that unites us every day more and more. ”
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– “Time is not to age but to learn. . Have a nice day to remember your birthday begins a new era for you ”
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-“Happy day. I send a very loud embrace us all. We love you. ”
Category: Birthday phrases

One of these messages can be sent to one of your loved ones as it is a special reason for his birthday.


Best Birthday messages for Best Friend

When the time comes to congratulate someone, many choose to write the contested sentence as “Happy Birthday” not interested at all by trying to be more original and that the person who is celebrating feel even luckier.

BD Wishes for Best Friend

Birthday messages must also convey a greeting, do feel the other person is special in our lives and also to celebrate his birth, we also celebrate the love that we are processing. Birthdays are fun parties and dates in which you have to have fun and enjoy. A good card will make the difference between being reminded as one or the most of your day. It is a date that we can be witty, imaginative and expressive in birthday messages to do. We can choose funny birthday messages:

  • “Congratulations on another birthday, sorry but it is being felt age”
  • “I do not know whether to congratulate you or your wrinkles”
  • “On this, the day of your birthday, I congratulate you continue without going through the plastic surgeon”
  • “Today I congratulate you, cry with you your old age”
  • “Congratulations, you’re old enough to make you discount for seniors”

Birthday messages for GF

See? Birthday messages are read them and immediately begin to laugh, but we can take some glare. Also birthday phrases for those sentimental not find the words with which to express their joy and emotions:
  • “I am happy to congratulate you, but I’m glad I had another year in my life”
  • “We could not miss such a special day for you”
  • “Another year you have blessed this world with your incredible way of being, congratulations”
  • “I hope we remain friends many years”
  • “Even if you turn years, you’re still a very strong pillar in this family”
  • As we see, there are phrases for all, and sure some fit more with the way we express ourselves and the type of card that the other person expects to receive from us.

If we get more ideas, we can find cards that come with written messages . They come with pictures, songs, sentimental or with a touch birthday wishes of humor, and even some bring a blank portion for us to make our own dedication a 2X1 in congratulations. For adults, birthday messages preferred are those with a green touch, for both men and women.


Periscope for android release by the CEO

Give a button and broadcast live from the mobile: that is the magic of Periscope, full of simplicity, but also with great potential. The formula for success full integration with Twitter. The network bought the service before it was finished to counter the growing interest aroused Meerkat . The strategy worked. They have become the hip place to follow events, comedians, rallies and concerts. No grill, content expires after 24 hours and the video is in vertical, reviled principle, enshrined as the appropriate option to broadcast via mobile phone. In just three months of life it has become the preferred destination for celebrities, broadcasters, athletes and users who discover a direct window to show their surroundings in real time audiovisual medium.

Broadcast through Periscope.

In the first 10 days they got a million active users. They were born originally in English and iPhone.Two months later they were released on Android and a score of languages ​​to include Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Czech, Chinese or Hebrew. Kayvon Beykpour , founder and CEO ofPeriscope , he was born in late 1988, near San Francisco. He studied computer science at Stanford. It is part of that generation that barely remembers childhood without Internet.

Question: How did the idea for Periscope?

Answer: I know my friend Joe (Joseph Bernstein) from fourth grade. From small we shared passion for computers and programming. We understand very well.During a trip we think about how I would tell everyone what was happening around us in video without complications. Instead of leaving it in a fantasy, we got it. Six months later we had a prototype.

Q. Before completing the application had been sold to Twitter, why?

R. Because we had a global vision, we wanted to reach the widest possible audience directly. That can only be achieved by allying with Twitter. They offer 140 characters, with video and photo, but not emitted directly. We do. We were totally aligned. Now we are a start up with resources. We are not rich, but we do not have to worry about our daily lives, but do Periscope getting better.

P. For over a century we have come to see from movies to television horizontal, landscape. Even on the Internet, either 4: 3 or 16: 9 video was horizontal. How about some rebels they are considered?

R. No. Nor will we sense the debate. We stuck to how mobile is used.If we do something for the phone, we have to think about the user.Otherwise it would be meaningless. Our platform is mobile native.

The means do have joined to bring presenters to the stars, to tell otherwise “

Q. What are the most enthusiastic users in Periscope?

R . The spectrum is very wide. From musicians who premiered Periscope songs live with people who are in a protest. There are celebrities who interact and answer questions from fans, attending the Google I / O (the annual conference of the Seeker). The most surprising thing was finding the #scopetalenteshow label, a sort of impromptu magic contest, imitations, jokes, music … Now form a Periscope Festival, with global talent. Sometimes the office to invite some of the artists we discovered that.

P. The boxing match between Pacquiao and Mayweather in Las Vegas multiplied the popularity of its application. They aroused great controversy by skipping payment system televisions. Do you consider a real competition?

A. Not at all. In boxing, basketball, baseball, television has angles, replays, definition … Periscope serves to get an idea of something in person. You can show your face b, the back of a big event, but never compete. The means do have joined to bring presenters to the stars, to tell otherwise. It is complementary.

Q. When Google went goggles rushed to some local ban that they violated the privacy of its customers. You can be the same with Periscope?

R. At this time, as a society, we have come a long way together. The concept of privacy has changed. The fact that everyone has a mobile phone with a camera of remarkable quality has made ​​us more aware of our power, but also of our responsibility. If I have to decide, I’m more on the side of transparency, I think it’s good for the world.

Q. When you gave your application was Bambuser . In Spain it was used with great success for the 15M …

A. Yes, there were other competitors, but none with our facility and social potential. You need only give two touch and in the air! In Bambuser they had no notifications to warn of an issue. If you were watching, fine, but if not, do not enterabas.

Q. And what do you think about Meerkat?

R. Let our product is better. We have paid more attention to the user. For example, we have feedback in real-time with Hearts. They serve to encourage the issue. We assume that no one is a professional speaker, we are not experts, but if you are giving advice in the comments, demand better understand what your audience. We repeat, they do not. Although, really, we do not think much about them, but to make our way.

We did not expect the enthusiasm of Brazil. It exploded as we launch the application on Android. In Latin America we just users, was out in the mobile Google and, well, absolute madness in Chile and Argentina “

Q. What countries are showing more interest in Periscope?

A. We did not expect the enthusiasm of Brazil. It exploded as we launch the application on Android. In Latin America we just users, was out in the mobile Google and, well, absolute madness in Chile and Argentina. In Europe, Italy, Turkey and the UK have had high level of activity from the beginning.

Q. How long a broadcast saved?

R. Just 24 hours if the user wants it. It is not a question of money, to save on servers, are now cheap, but of philosophy. Life is short social content. On Twitter if a message is not on the same day, it will not be some exceptions. How cool is sought.

Q. Some Spanish politicians may not think the same, their accounts are reviewed in great detail …

A. That is one of the exceptions, of course, but not the norm.

Q. They followed the classic pattern of out first iPhone and then Android. What differences do you appreciate?

R. The functionality is very similar, but wanted to do so. In Android you can edit your username and manage the map in different ways, but the essence is similar. Android, from using equipment design [design of the clear interface] not so far removed from IOS. It was not to make a copy, but something beautiful, meaningful, on both platforms.

P. spoke of feedback sending hearts, is it not a little naive?

R. It’s simple, direct. Ie whether you like it or not. We could have put laughter, or maybe applause, but we think the hearts are a good indicator that motivate to continue issuing.

Q. Will we see official channels, something like audited accounts?

R. We want to find the formula to find out what you like, but may not fit the traditional idea of canal. It would be something like “what you want to see,” as with recommendations.

For now we do not think about monetization. We just three months in business. We just want to experience “

Q. Is there any way to announce that something is going to issue, to make forecasts?

R. No, we remove it. It was neither fresh nor spontaneous. If you want, you can say through Twitter, but not within Periscope.

Q. What is your business model?

R. For now do not think about monetization. We just three months in business. We just want to experiment. Then we’ll see. The priority is to make a great product. We are very proud of the team, ambition.We are hungry to improve. Now we must do even better. Stay tuned because there will be surprises.

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Send Whatsapp smell 2016 with iPhone

Technology and smell not seem to understand concepts called. Rather we associate with something aseptic technology, cold, neutral. Until it has reached OPhone, a device that lets you send messages with smell through mobile phone or tablet.

What would you think if you got a picture to WhatsApp with lentils that prepared her mother and she could smell them; or mail the image of the bouquet of flowers he has bought his wife along with their scent; or watch on your phone a photo of his young daughter and perceive the smell of freshly bathed child.

All this is possible because with OPhone, a project in the works whose developmentcompany Kibo Studios Marbella and aims to overcome technological barriers and allow sensitive distance communication. Behind this technology are David Edgar and Rachel Field, two professors from Harvard University and the Wyss Institute, who created the devices now working Kibo, the first Spanish company that has ordered the product.

Manuel Linares, director of Kibo Studios, explains that OPhone consists of two terminals that, loaded with cartridges containing essences , passed the smell that has made ​​the author of the message, mixing offered a preset range. By the time the first version offers a range of about 10,000 different odors (flowers, chocolate, sea air, fresh laundry, perfume?) but is working on a new version that exceed 300,000 olfactory combinations.

The work of Kibo Studios, which shares investors OPhone, now lies, according to Linares, to “propose, contribute, suggest and investigate” to develop new business ideas and develop applications around this invention. Thus, the director and moving ideas like that films are projected with different smells in the scenes; cars to detect body odor and change the automotive environment depending on each conductor; or children’s books readers transmit the aromas of what they have.

Kibo Studios, which is an innovative company that has worked on the development of Google Glass, is very interested in this project applications in relation to autistic children.Advertising can be a great ally in this future application. Companies of perfumes and air fresheners could deliver ads highlighting their essences directly to the customer.The applications are endless and it works the Marbella company, which has already launched other products such as ” Martial Tribes “, the first social network of martial arts, or” Eyplas “, a platform for quality tutoring .